Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Measure Corporate Culture

I have found ten ways in which organizations can know if they have a great corporate culture. Here are three of them
• Survey employees and ask them their perception of the culture of the organization. Identify any themes of agreement or confusion. Use an open-ended question and a matrix, to get data on strengths and challenge of that culture as it relates to them,

• Conduct a market research survey to get the perceptions of people in the market place and also customers. That will help determine if the culture is strong enough that people in the public recognize it. Compare the results from both surveys.

• Use the internet to learn what is being said and written about your organization. Read job boards and look for messages extolling their organization as a great place to work and why. Organizations with great cultures get reputations as great places to work.

People who think that culture is overused and irrelevant have a one dimensional view and are not considering issues like recruitment, retention and what makes an employee want to do their best work.

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